This program will retrieve pictures from a floppy drive, CD, or hard drive with a one-button click, or you can browse to any directory. Select only the pictures you want or select all the pictures with one click. 


Pictures can be printed from 1-up to 8-up on a page and each picture can include a title and/or comments above or below the picture. Each page can include a single or split header and a footer.


Create a project and share it with others. Copy the project, along with PR Viewer, and they'll be able to view and print the project exactly as you created it! Export reports to Microsoft Word and also as HTML files.


Picture Reporter is a program designed to easily create, organize, label, archive, and print reports or picture albums. Within an album or report you can place any number of pictures, select one of the defined layouts, type captions and comments on each picture and edit the header and footer for it.

Even if you don't have a digital camera, Picture Reporter will make things easier for you.

    download Picture Reporter link
download Picture Reporter here on File Fishstick

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