(Approx 9MB)

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Features Trial Version Full Version
Quick type comments box
Quick title box
Create albums to categorize all of your photos
Easily add titles and comments to pictures
Add printed frames for standard-sized pictures if you want to paste your normal prints in the report
Print a report of all photos
Archive a copy of the pictures so you won't have to keep track of which pictures go with which report
Customize Header and Footers  
Easily create a Cover Page on the fly  
Export to Microsoft Word  
Create HTML files that you can view in a regular internet browser.  

To test or upgrade Picture Reporter, download the Free Trial Version now! If you are a registered user, this installation file will upgrade the existing one on your computer. If you just want to try Picture Reporter, download it here and install it. You will be able to register it later. (Approx. 9 MB)

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